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About us

The Maxxton Group is the leading provider of IT services and consultancy for the broader hospitality and accommodation rental sector. Originally a Dutch company, since its formation in 1998, Maxxton has grown into a multinational organization with operations in three continents and clients spread across the globe.

Thanks to the leading innovative mind of Jean Pierre Mampaey, CEO, founder and expert consultant in the holiday park and holiday rental sector, Maxxton has developed and perfected a holistic ERP approach to technology in hospitality and tourism and a suite of solutions to suit the needs of the most complex organisations. This means that we deliver efficient solutions, adapted to each client’s needs, which means that we are very flexible in the delivery of our technology and fully adapt it according to requirements. Our developments and continuous updates are driven by the in-depth knowledge of our market and our clients, with which we work as true partners and which are both beneficiaries and initiators of our continuous software enhancement.

About our clients

Maxxton’s clients are either large groups or smaller organizations with complex needs: varied inventory, private or fractional ownership, complex pricing structures, different lengths of stay, mainly operations in different countries with their own administrative rules.

About our industries

Our solution is being used by clients worldwide in the following sectors:

Maxxton’s approach is data-driven. Accessing all the organisation’s data from one database, we help facilitating better decision making at strategic level and operational benefits, thanks to real time visibility across all departments.

About our offices

Beyond the Dutch roots, Maxxton has expanded greatly their client base and geographical coverage. The company is part of an international group which includes support and development offices in India, business development offices in UK and USA and its head office in The Netherlands. The group now counts clients across the globe with properties located in three continents.

2017 - Present

More and more customers are profiting from our completely new solution Maxxton Software. Development is going fast and new modules and features are delivered every month.

In the beginning of 2018 the first customers are having our all-in-one online solution: Maxxton Web Manager. Using this solution they are able to have just one platform for all of their online applications. From website to bookingsmodule, all in one system and just one place to maintain.

2015 - 2016

Maxxton has high expectations of its software solutions. The company is working on the development of a completely reinvented version, based on the latest technology, which will be even more user-friendly and include even more features than the current system.

We also continue to invest in long-term relationships with our customers. Our ambition is to be much more to you than a software developer and supplier. We want our state-of-the-art systems and the knowledge and experience we provide to actually contribute to your success.

2006 - 2014

Maxxton experiences considerable growth, both in terms of the number of customers and in terms of global coverage. These achievements are not considered to be a final objective but a new beginning. The American and European markets offers great potential, and the company continues its quest to open up even more new markets.

2004 - 2005

The new Maxxton system is taken into use by the first customers, step-by-step. In 2004, the first bookings are made and the first confirmations sent via the system. The first arrivals are registered in the first weeks of 2005, and the system is subsequently used for the corresponding financial settlements.


By mid-2003, this transformation results in a name change from Recreanet BV to Maxxton BV. Maxxton not only becomes the perfect partner for business-specific software, but also for the integration of its software within an organization.


Recreanet performs a complete package analysis to see if there is a system available for the identified requirements. All domestic and international are assessed, but no suitable system exists. The company decides to develop the ideal package itself. With the development of a new and fully comprehensive system for the international hospitality market, Recreanet undergoes a metamorphosis from IT consultant to software provider.


Jean-Pierre Mampaey establishes the ICT consultancy firm Recreanet BV, which specializes in advising holiday resorts (resort chains). The IT systems available at this time are clearly underdeveloped.

Always improving


s a provider of integrated software solutions for the hospitality industry, Maxxton develops a software solution far beyond the conventional. Only Maxxton offers an ERP software solution specifically developed for holiday resorts and lodging companies offering all types of recreational and business accommodation.

The Maxxton ERP software solution provides permanent up-to-date insight and generates new marketing opportunities. Numerous ambitious and expanding companies operating in the global hospitality industry benefit from Maxxton in terms of organization and performance.

Meet our team

of 200+ highly dedicated professionals

  • Jean-Pierre Mampaey
    Jean-Pierre Mampaey CEO
    • Ruben de Looff
      Ruben de Looff COO
      • Rob Sonke
        Rob Sonke CTO
        • Edwin Foudraine
          Edwin Foudraine CCO
          • Jay Bhavsar
            Jay Bhavsar Director Maxxton India
            • Nilesh Wani
              Nilesh Wani Technical Manager
              • Mascha Kramer
                Mascha Kramer Office Management
                • Mieke Tol
                  Mieke Tol Management Assistent
                  • Edith Bezuijen
                    Edith Bezuijen Support
                    • Frank Louwerse
                      Frank Louwerse Project Manager
                      • Susan Smits
                        Susan Smits Consultant
                        • Esther Nijhoff
                          Esther Nijhoff Implementation Manager
                          • Elwin Vreeke
                            Elwin Vreeke Technical Consultant
                            • Matthijs Alting
                              Matthijs Alting System Administrator
                              • Ramon van Loon
                                Ramon van Loon HR
                                • Christian Vaes
                                  Christian Vaes Technical Consultant
                                  • Michel van Beek
                                    Michel van Beek Consultant
                                    • Niels van Vliet
                                      Niels van Vliet Support Consultant
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