The Maxxton solution is worldwide used as a fully integrated solution for the hospitality industry. The fact that we operate internationally means that we have staff working from various offices on different continents. Each of us has the same objective: to continually improve the Maxxton solution and to expand our knowledge. Our balanced team of ambitious, innovative young people, all of whom are highly experienced, possess considerable expertise and share a desire to excel in the provision of customized services to our customers. To this end we have established several customer-based divisions, among which Implementation, Support, Configuration, Customer Relations and Reporting, as well as several technical departments, which include Development, Web Design and QA (Quality Assurance). Our organization is characterized by permanent interaction between all divisions and departments, by local and international partnerships and collaborations, and by a level of quality awareness that guarantees compliance with the high standards that we set for our system and for ourselves.

Read what our employees have to say

151144 Photo Placeholder
Rohan Jatkar Security Engineer
Maxxton India Rohan Jatkar r.jatkar
Matthijs Alting Junior System Administrator
The Netherlands Matthijs Alting m.altingmaxxton
Nikhil Singh-1
Nikhil Singh QA Engineer / Reporting Teamlead
India Nikhil Singh nikhilsingh.maxxton
Rahul Lamba-1
Rahul Lamba QA Engineer / Configuration
India Rahul Lamba lamba432
Roel de Jagher Security Officer & Senior Software Engineer
Maxxton Holland Roel de Jagher
Sumit Gavan-3
Sumit Gavan Sr. Software Engineer
Maxxton India Sumit Gavan Sumit Gavan
151144 Photo Placeholder
Sonali Turke Software Engineer
Maxxton India Sonali Turke
Piet Kromhout Software Engineer
The Netherlands Piet Kromhout
151144 Photo Placeholder
Sayali More Web Developer
Maxxton India Sayali More
Michel van Beek Internet Consultant
The Netherlands Michel van Beek
Elwin Vreeke Technical Consultant
The Netherlands Elwin Vreeke
151144 Photo Placeholder
Vedika Keni Software Engineer
Maxxton India Vedika Keni Vedika Keni
151144 Photo Placeholder
Parasram Pawar Software Engineer
Maxxton India Parasram Pawar
151144 Photo Placeholder
Ajay Gawli Software Engineer
Maxxton India Ajay Gawli
151144 Photo Placeholder
Deepraj Patel Support QA and Customer Relationship Manager USA
India Deepraj Patel deepraj.patel
Sargam Gupta-1
Sargam Gupta QA Engineer / Configuration
India Sargam Gupta sargamgupta17
Kanchan Pote QA Engineer / Configuration
India Kanchan Pote kanchanpote
Anjali Joshi-2
Anjali Joshi QA Engineer / Configuration
India Anjali Joshi joshianjalis
Monica Lous-1
Monica Lous Support agent
Maxxton Holland Monica Lous monica_lous
Christian Vaes Teamlead Software Engineer
The Netherlands Christian Vaes
Swati Kanse-1
Swati Kanse QA Engineer / Configuration
India Swati Kanse swati.kanse2
Edith Bezuijen Support Agent
The Netherlands Edith Bezuijen
Steven Hermans Developer Trainee
The Netherlands Steven Hermans
Vishnu Mote Software Engineer
Maxxton India Vishnu Mote
Marita van der Hart Assistant Client Relations Manager
The Netherlands Marita van der Hart m.vanderhart
Chris Connar Vice President Sales and Marketing USA
USA Chris Connar chris.connar1
Esther Nijhoff Implementation Manager
The Netherlands Esther Nijhoff esther_nijhoff
Uttam Kolekar
Uttam Kolekar System Administrator
Maxxton India Uttam Kolekar
Mascha Kramer Relationship Manager
The Netherlands Mascha Kramer mascha_maxxton
Annerieke de Zwart Support Agent Teamlead
The Netherlands Annerieke de Zwart
151144 Photo Placeholder
Mandve Roy Sr. Business Analyst
Maxxton India Mandve Roy mandveroy
Jan Hogeweg Operational Manager
The Netherlands Jan Hogeweg hogjan
Atul Dhapate-2
Atul Dhopate Product Specialist Engineer
India Atul Dhopate atul_dhopate
Renske Ward Web Developer
The Netherlands Renske Ward ward_werk
151144 Photo Placeholder
Ronald Bezemer Sr. Developer
Maxxton Holland Ronald Bezemer
Tushar Lagu-1
Tushar Lagu Product Specialist Engineer
India Tushar Lagu tushar.lagu
Stefan Schoenmaker Implementation Consultant Internet
The Netherlands Stefan Schoenmaker stefan.maxxton
Niels Overbeeke Product Specialist Engineer
The Netherlands Niels Overbeeke
Tom Reinartz Web Developer / User Experience Developer
The Netherlands Tom Reinartz
151144 Photo Placeholder
Kunal Singh Software Engineer
Maxxton India Kunal Singh
Niek Haartsen Software Engineer
The Netherlands Niek Haartsen
Yadnesh Shah QA Engineer / Support Teamlead
India Yadnesh Shah yadneshshah.maxxton
Marina Joziasse Implementation Manager / Consultant
The Netherlands Marina Joziasse
Pankaj Shinde-1
Pankaj Shinde QA Engineer / Support
India Pankaj Shinde
Mieke Tol Management assistant
The Netherlands Mieke Tol
Ankita Sarcena-2
Ankita Saxena Senior QA Engineer / Configuration
India Ankita Saxena
Evelien Janssen Assistant Implementation Manager
The Netherlands Evelien Janssen evelien-maxxton
Anshuma Bajpai-2
Anshuma Bajpai QA Engineer / Reporting
India Anshuma Bajpai
Ellen Gunsing Administrative assistant
The Netherlands Ellen Gunsing