In order to ensure excellent service, we have established an online 'ticket system' that guarantees quick and adequate processing of your comments and questions.

If you have a problem or if you need assistance with one of the features, you simply generate a 'ticket' and submit it to our support department. The support department either deals with an incoming ticket directly or forwards it to the appropriate department for immediate follow-up. You can track your message online to keep an eye on its status and progress.

We always provide feedback through the same ticket to ensure clear and well-structured communication. If necessary, the support department can also be contacted by telephone, e-mail or via Skype. Daily video calls are made with all members of the support department to synchronize possible actions that need to be taken in response to important questions or comments from customers. All possible solutions are shared during these video calls in order to further increase the expertise of our staff and to ultimately improve the quality of the system.

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Latest version: Newyse 2017.R1

Released on February 07 2017

Theme: Finance & Maintenance 

Version Newyse 2016.R5

Released on December 06 2016

Theme: Groupbookings & snapshots

Version Maxxton 2016.R4

Released on September 20 2016

Theme: Finance 

Version Maxxton 2016.R3

Released on June 27 2016

Theme: new functionalities Frontoffice

Version Maxxton 2016.R2

Released on April 12 2016

Theme: Short cuts

Version Maxxton 2016.R1

Released on January 27 2016

Theme: Improvements planning chart

Version Maxxton 2015.R4

Released on December 01 2015

Theme: New functionality group bookings

Version Maxxton 2015.R3

Released on September 15 2015

Theme: PCI certified

Version Maxxton 2015.R2

Released on April 09 2014

Theme: More user friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I make changes to a report myself?
  • What is the difference between a 'Product' and an 'Extra'?
  • Which languages is Maxxton software available in?
  • What is the difference between a 'Promotion' and an 'Arrangement'?

    You can use different systems to generate a report. You can edit 'template' reports yourself, provided that you have some knowledge of HTML. Other reports can be edited by a Maxxton specialist. Please contact the Support Department.

    A 'Product' is a service or product that makes a guest's stay more enjoyable, such as a bicycle or a dinner. An 'Extra' is usually used for mandatory additional costs, such as a reservation fee or tourist tax.

    The system is currently available in four languages: English, German, French and Dutch.

    A 'Promotion' is similar to a discount or special offer and it could be a discount percentage or a fixed amount for a service or product in place of a discount. A 'Promotion' is the renting of an accommodation with one or more additions, such as a dinner or renting a bicycle for a day.