User Experience Analyst

Work with us as a User Experience Analyst in a challenging, ambitious, and international company!

We are looking for a User Experience Analyst with 3+ years of experience for our Pune office.

Understanding user behaviors is a critical driver in creating great product increments. User research means observing users, asking questions, and finding out what they like and dislike, what motivates them to do certain things, and the way they’d like to do them. Therefore, user research is the first step toward designing a successful product. It’s also helpful in keeping product iteration and refinement in line with user expectations.

The User Experience Analyst will be responsible for helping the engagement and satisfaction surveys to improve user experience with the product. As a part of this role, the specialist will be responsible for conducting user research and delivering usable metrics and analysis to help drive Maxxton Software’s business strategy. Through the use of analytical skills and a strategic perspective, the analyst will improve user satisfaction and create more engagement.

What you will need to do as our Maxxton colleague
  • You will be responsible for analysing, synthesising, and presenting data-based insights for the product usage by the customers, use cases, and usage patterns to Product managers, Product Owners, and internal stakeholders Conducting quantitative and qualitative research to gather insights using contextual interviews, surveys, feedback forms, heat maps, and A/B testing to understand “What users say” and “What users do”.
  • Work closely with the UX designers and Product managers to collect various data points to better instrument the user research process.
  • Present findings and insights to Product managers, UX designers and internal stakeholders to help make better decisions through data insights and to uncover user insights collectively.
  • Build product health metrics dashboard for the products based on the set KPIs and metrics.
  • Regularly monitor and report on user experience metrics across applications.
  • Work with developers to identify and schedule enhancements to the data analytics platform if required.
  • Building artifacts from user research like personas, user journey mapping, and affinity mapping.
  • Be an advocate for best practices in data and research analytics across the organisation.
  • Help to manage and direct data collection and analysis using data analysis tools like Google Analytics to align with current business goals.
You are good at:
  • Any of the analytics tools like Google Analytics, Mix Panel, Amplitude, etc.
  • Designing, developing, and completing analysis for user insights and strategic deep dives using survey data and analytics tools.
  • Analyse quantitative as well as qualitative survey data to identify trends and generate meaningful insights using manual as well as tool-based text analysis.
  • Visualising and presenting the findings in a meaningful manner.
  • Processing structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, identifying data anomalies, making intelligent assumptions, interpreting findings, identifying trends, and generating insights to answer business questions.
  • Motivated and self-driven in proposing new analysis and reporting prospects to make the deliverables more impactful and useful.

We are looking forward to growing our teams with people who share our energy and enthusiasm for creating the best experience for our customers. Are you the one we are looking for? Get in contact with us and who knows you might be in our office next week to talk about the opportunities. Please send us your CV and short cover e-mail.

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