Winner SA Awards 2019

Maxxton won the award for Best Use of Technology at the Serviced Apartment Awards, showcasing the implementation of the Web Manager at Krim Texel, winning against other very well deserving projects.


The Serviced Apartment sector is a hot target sector as it is one of the fastest growing segments of the hospitality industry worldwide (please check this report if you want to have more data), both in terms of investments and revenue. Its growth is also shaping the vacation rental market, with the difference between the two becoming smaller and smaller.


It is great to see that all the work that has been done by Maxxton is recognised officially by the market and by a team of totally independent hospitality experts (please check the judge report – 2 pages) and this award is one of the highest in the industry.


However, the relevance of the award goes beyond the teams who were directly working on the Web Manager development and implementation. The Web Manager has allowed our client Krim to achieve amazing results in terms of revenue and increase in bookings thanks to the great software infrastructure and support that we have been providing to our clients with Newyse before and now with Maxxton Software.

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