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As a provider of integrated software solutions for the hospitality industry, Maxxton develops a software solution far beyond the conventional. Only Maxxton offers an ERP software solution specifically developed for holiday resorts and lodging companies offering all types of recreational and business accommodations.


Building a smarter hospitality industry

We are transforming the hospitality industry, enabling businesses to achieve operational excellence and growth.


Enabling growth by delivering a smart, simple and connecting platform.


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Ambition to exceed expectations by continuous improvement

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Maxxton’s clients are either large groups or smaller organizations with complex needs: varied inventory, private or fractional ownership, complex pricing structures, different lengths of stay, mainly operations in different countries with their own administrative rules. Our solution is being used by clients worldwide in the following sectors: Holiday parks, Camping sites, and Vacation rental. Maxxton’s approach is data-driven. Accessing all the organisation’s data from one database, we help facilitate better decision making at strategic level and operational benefits, thanks to real time visibility across all departments.

History of Maxxton

Maxxton is originally a Dutch company, since its establishment in 1998 Maxxton has grown into a multinational organization with operations in three continents and customers spread across the globe.

Thanks to the leading innovative spirit of Jean Pierre Mampaey, founder and expert consultant in holiday parks and accommodation rental sector, Maxxton has developed and perfected a holistic ERP approach to technology in the industry of HPA and tourism and a suite of solutions to meet the needs of the most complex organizations.

This means that Maxxton provides efficient solutions, tailored to the needs of each customer, which means that Maxxton is very flexible in the delivery of its technology and adapts it fully according to the needs. Maxxton’s developments and continuous updates are guided by in-depth knowledge of the market and the customers, with whom Maxxton works as true partners and who are both beneficiaries and initiators of the continuous improvement of the software.

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Your global partner
Complete solution

Meet all your operational needs in a single package


Central database to ensure easy & stable access; integrations with key partners

Effortless implementation

Customised implementation catering to the individual customer needs across

Customer Satisfaction

Friendly user experience, personalisation, speed, reliability, and error protection


Maxxton’s REST API enables partners to easily integrate with a wide variety of applications

Improve efficiency

Automated processing of bookings, payments, surveys and reminders improve efficiency and reduce cost

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