Rate Manager

Optimise and maximise

Manage your rates in a simple, user-friendly and accurate way. Define your rate strategies and manage the pricing overview in combination with the occupancy in order to optimise and maximise your revenue management. Rates, offers and availability can be updated per accommodation and in batches (multiple accommodations in one).

Choose for more efficiency & productivity

Choose for the efficient and time saving software to monitor and adjust rates. Cut unnecessary manual operational work from your business processes. With the Rate Manager you manage, take control, and outline overview of rates, promotions, discounts, and vouchers.

  • Foolproof & Structured
  • Get overview with dashboards
  • Batch updates for multiple locations
  • Import data from excel spreadsheets

Smart pricing with Rate Manager

With the rate manager you can synchronise your rates to online booking channels, OTAs. All you have to do is to define a fixed price as base price for a day or a midweek during a particular period. Additionally, you can easily add a raise and adjust your rates in percentage for your units and set a fixed price for all OTAs you are connected to, such as Booking.com, HomeAway, SiteMinder, Airbnb and Expedia etc. Rate Manager will synchronise this for you in real-time.

Optimised revenue management as a complementary solution

Maxxton’s Revenue Manager is your data-driven solution for optimising rates. It helps you to find clusters of comparable accommodations, sends automatic notifications, gives you insights, and ultimately helps you to optimise rates.

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