Back Office Manager

Users, profiles, roles & access rights

Back Office Manager allows you to view and manage all relevant information about users and their access rights. By creating a profile for each employee, you keep relevant information about the user. Every user can directly see whether the access rights have been provided and to which program. All changes in access rights are saved in history. To obtain a quick overview, you can create a group of users e.g. per department or per location. This feature allows you to easily manage their roles and their access rights.

Update passwords

To secure your data you can generate a password and set a new one within a period of choice. Maxxton assists you to create a strong password by giving you feedback on the quality and strength of the password. The password is created for all websites and apps that the users are utilising and it is stored in a secure vault on all user devices. This saves employees time and eliminates the need to recover, reuse, and even memorise the password.

Data access at any location

When a new front desk employee has been appointed, it is very easy to grant access to relevant data of one location. However, for the central help desk support you are able to grant access to several locations. This enables your employees to view the information with only one log in, to other locations. Another convenient and time saving feature is the adjustment of the access rights in one go for your (selected) employees. With the Back Office Manager solution your system is GDPR proof.

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