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More direct bookings

Are you a Maxxton client who is tired of spending time maintaining multiple websites with rigid IT solutions? Our Web Manager is the perfect solution for you. Flexible, smart, and seamlessly integrated with Maxxton Software, our product provides a seamlessly integrated customer journey that goes beyond just making a booking. Unlike self-contained or API-connected solutions, we have assembled an integrated solution that uses the full potential of Maxxton Software with our latest technology. Trust us to elevate your guest journey and streamline your business operations – try our product today.

Seamless integration

The Web Manager is seamlessly integrated in Maxxton Software. The CMS is unique in its kind, e.g. one of the best features is that you are able to show availability, prices and create a modern website to improve the conversion rate. Furthermore, our dedicated and innovative development and implementation teams are constantly working on new features.


The Web Manager comes standard with a large number of features in order to avoid installing slow plug-ins. All these features have been developed specifically for the Hospitality Industry and are connected to relevant databases, making it possible to display dynamic content. It is also possible to create multi-language and multi-currency websites. Content can be presented neatly by means of cards, maps, photo albums, sliders, rich snippet reviews and structured data FAQs.

Optimised book flow

You can set up the book flow (conditionally) yourself. Additionally, payments can be made directly online. After a booking, the customer receives a confirmation and receives information about the Guest environment where everything can be read and where there is an option to book extras. As a result, less manual work is required from you and you can focus more on customer experience and retention. The recurring visitors ensure a significant increase in direct bookings. With the Web Manager you are able to optimise your search and book flow.

Integrated booking engine

When a visitor searches for an accommodation, he or she sees the up-to-date availability with the relevant prices. A booking engine can also be designed and shaped to your own taste. For instance, you can let the visitor filter by date, accommodation type, region, number of people, price, etc. You can set all these filter options yourself. That way you make the filtering all the more relevant for your target group. By working with a one-click template, you can easily integrate a booking engine on specific landing pages. You can also set a discount or conditions for specific promotions (e.g.  summer promotions). With the Web Manager, data, design and user experience all come together.

SEO and marketing

For the marketing department, there are many possibilities around SEO, which means that the website generates more organic website traffic. Integrate analysis tools and extract relevant e-commerce data from the data layer to perform analysis. The Web Manager has all the features to present your message, measure the impact and significantly improve the results. The Web Manager is your tool for facilitating the online customer journey.

The Web Manager makes it possible to be in control. Decide and create an optimised customer journey and conversion funnel. The guest and owner environments help you to boost retention. This results in even more direct bookings.

  • Pay less commission
  • More direct bookings
  • Increase revenue by extra's and add-ons
  • Improve customer journey to boost retention

Always improving

With the Web Manager all activities take place in the cloud. Be sure that your software is updated and adjusted to the latest trends and standards. We continuously work on new features and improvements. Curious about the Web Manager’s impact? Our professionals are here to answer your questions.

What is the best booking engine software?

The Maxxton Web Manager is an in-house built CMS with an integrated quick search and booking engine to increase direct vacation rental bookings. More direct bookings will increase revenue and decrease commissions to be paid.

Why work with the Maxxton Web Manager?

Maxxton Web Manager:

  • Up-to-date SEO
  • Reliable and fast
  • Highly customisable
  • Benefit from all new features immediately
  • Seamless integration with the Maxxton software
  • All-in-one CMS with quick search and booking engine
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