Maxxton's software solutions

SaaS Components

Our PMS is the most complete and state-of-the-art SaaS product that simplifies your business by data-driven solutions. We have established reliable solutions that are continuously improved by the experiences and knowledge of leading players in our niche. With Maxxton, your IT platform is future-proof enabling you to focus on growing your business.

Complete solutions

Our complete integrated solutions system contains functionalities like handling reservations, managing operations with work orders, planning the housekeeping, and managing the owner statements that include the energy bill of the accommodation. Furthermore, you will be able to handle your pricing, promos and offers easy and fast, and automate all your important communications to guests for your vacation rentals.

Hospitality Industry

These Maxxton booking software-related modules are developed specifically for the needs of the hospitality industry by providing users with real-time access to data. Do not spend time keeping an overview of all your software licenses, fixing bugs between systems, and negotiating with IT providers for better prices. Go for Maxxton software solutions. Our supported user interface languages are Dutch, English, German and French.

Optimised occupancy throughout the year

An increase in rental popularity and technological growth expanded the vacation rental industry in the last decades. Vacation rentals usually occur in privately owned vacation properties, so the variety of accommodation is broad and inconsistent. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for vacation rental software for your mobile homes, tents, bungalows, lodges, cottages, villas, regular holiday homes or other short term rental properties. The Maxxton vacation rental software will offer a solution to your wishes to manage your vacation rentals and make it possible for you to optimise occupancy throughout the year.

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