Operations Manager

Features of complete solutions

Containing all the required functionalities the Operations Manager is set to run operations on site. Together with the 100% integrated Maxxton Operations app, we add great value for all the users in the housekeeping and maintenance departments. With these two applications you can count on full user-friendly experience, efficiency and real-time excellence.

Working with the app

The Operations app serves as an operational tool for daily operations. This includes valuable features like a map view, picture-adding modus, offline mode and priority ranking for arrivals, stays and departures. Authorized staff members in the field can view the list of accommodations in a map and list view, and update directly their work orders via the mobile app (iOS and Android compatible). They can also add comments, photos and materials for the work order in the app. Taking internet issues into account, the app is also accessible offline and the data will be synced once the app is online again.


Implementation & Go-live

In order to make it explicit, we inspect all operational business scenarios for you and set the configuration that is connected to your processes. The adaptation for the user is quick and easy. During the transition and go-live phase, our experienced consultants will be at site to fully assist you. Maxxton offers a completely integrated solution both practical for all users and quite unique in the market.

  • Push notifications on-site communication
  • Useful for management and operations
  • Always connection on-site
  • 100% follow up by experts

The Operations Manager is all about being user-friendly

We offer you two products. The first being the Operations Manager that serves as a planning tool for long and short term. With the longer-term you have access to detailed information on how many employees are required for a certain changeover day, whereas the shorter-term provides you with the actual updates throughout the changeover day, such as progress overviews and insights in actual planning. Second component is the mobile Maxxton Operations which serves as an operational tool for daily operations: map view, picture-adding modus, offline mode and priority ranking for arrivals, stays and departures. The user steps are completely in tune with the completion of a job. In addition, you will receive push notifications when new tasks are added. 

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