Maxxton software API

Connected systems

External booking channels such as, HomeAway, SiteMinder, AirBnb and Expedia have become indispensable in today’s hospitality industry. These best-known channels are connected with Maxxton through their own integration. In other words, the API, is an interface in which external applications can extract, add or modify data from the Maxxton system.

See fit with API

Maxxton can provide API-connectivity to other distribution channels and applications, and will gladly offer an API to connect themselves or construct this specific integration for you.

  • Useful for many types of applications
  • Best way to integrate with Maxxtton
  • Great deal of possibilities
  • Well documented

API in action!

API allows different applications and programs to interface, connect and communicate with each other by means of a common protocol, like REST and JSON in case of Maxxton. The required connectivity can be established in two ways: with a direct link between your company and the partner or through an external channel manager, which is an intermediate ‘third party’ between your company and the partner or between you and a number of partners. In these situations, we distribute prices and availability, and we receive up-to-date information about new bookings, which we process in Maxxton.

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