Finance Manager

Manage incoming and outgoing financial transactions

All your financial details in one place. The Finance Manager acts as a sub administration for your bookkeeping system in which all the financial details related to the core business are present. With the Finance Manager you are able to, process and monitor incoming payments for reservations, keep an overview on your debtors and create outgoing payment files for refunds on reservations or settlements with external parties.

Centralised financial data

Create full reports and complete tasks faster on a centralised and secure platform. In additon, the system is multi-currency supporting, so daily accounting of revenue and costs can be done in one or more currencies. Excellent functionalities are present, to easily reconcile all financial data of your company in the bookkeeping system. 

Make the right strategic decision

Experience the convenience of a unified Finance solution for financial administration, reporting and automatic notifications. Maxxton’s Finance Manager software solution will support you in making the right strategic decisions whether it is locally or internationally. All financial processes are automatically generated for weekly or monthly reporting.


  • Multi-currency
  • Efficiency in tasks 
  • Financial transaction report
  • Structured finance in one single report   
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