Client Day 2024

Welcome to the registration page for Maxxton Client Day 2024. On this page, you will find practical information:

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  • Program of the day
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Tuesday, June 4th, 2024

Food & Beverage

Lunch, drinks, and networking


09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Program of the day

A personalised program will follow shortly. Some of the elements that you can expect during the upcoming Client Day:

  • Opening event and welcome speech
  • Inspirational guest speaker
  • Several breakout sessions
  • Lunch, coffee breaks, and snacks
  • Mix and mingle with other participants
  • Closing speech and time for a toast
Breakout sessions

The breakout sessions provide an opportunity to tailor the Client Day program to your interests. Below, you can familiarise yourself with the various topics. Take a look and choose your top three preferences on the form. We’ll then adjust the program to best match your preferences!

Unveiling the unseen: How you are attacked and protected without even knowing it

Performance, Stability, and Security

We will share some slightly technical insight on what’s going on under the hood. This brings topics about security on which we have put a lot of effort combined with some highlights in technology in general. You’ll learn how you are attacked and protected, without even knowing it.

Witness the power of data and AI in revolutionising the way we experience hospitality!

Maxxton AI features

Step into the realm of data-driven innovation as we unveil our vision for future-proofing the hospitality industry. Join us on a journey where we empower the hospitality sector with state-of-the-art, smart, data-driven solutions. From leveraging AI for personalised guest experiences to optimising operations for maximum efficiency and revenue growth, discover how we’re shaping the future of hospitality management. Get ready to witness the power of data in revolutionising the way we experience hospitality!

Witness the Web Manager success story

Guest / Owner portal

Digital touchpoints to optimise. A world where innovation meets solution-driven design. We dive into the recent upgrades of the Guest Portal and our newest addition the Owner Portal within the Web Manager. Hear compelling narratives from our client, de Krim first-hand, revealing how our enhancements address their pressing needs with the all-new Guest Portal and Activity Planner that empowers guest engagement. Explore how we’re tackling high-level challenges, empowering unit owners with robust tools to simplify property management, booking, and financial insights in our new Owner Portal.

Working on optimising your rate management

Rate Manager update

Excited to know what’s next for the Rate Manager? Dive into how we empower you to seamlessly manage your rates, discounts, and stay conditions.

Optimise your guests' and organisation's experience using cost-cutting smart access- and climate control

Koole Controls update

Unfamiliar with Koole Controls and its solutions? Such a shame! Let’s get in touch and discuss the guest-experience-increasing and cost-cutting solutions Koole Controls has to offer from the access control and climate control point of view! Of course, fully integrated with Maxxton Software!

Contribute today, shape tomorrow: The MXTS Finance Manager's Journey

Finance Manager interactive session

Join me for an energising session on the MXTS Finance Manager! We’ll dive into the recent achievements, outline the roadmap for the upcoming months, and share exciting updates. Your voice matters – this is your chance to contribute ideas and shape the future of the Finance Manager. Let’s innovate together!

Simplify the management of transactional communication

Template editor

Discover how Maxxton’s Template Editor simplifies the management of transactional communication. Receive a transparent update about the project, and an open invitation to translate your templates with assistance.

Registration form

We ask you to fill in the registration form for each participant from your organisation. This is because you can indicate per participant what the preference is for each breakout session.

You may share your license plate number. Then we arrange that you have free entry to the park and the barriers will open automatically.





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    What's the address and can I park my car over there?

    The event will take place at the Safari Hotel Beekse Bergen convention centre in Hilvarenbeek. The address is Tilburgseweg 41, 5081 NJ, Hilvarenbeek. This venue is located next to the A58 and A65 motorways and plenty of parking spaces are available. Google Maps

    Why do I need to indicate in advance which topics I want to attend?

    Participation in the break-out sessions is voluntary. To guarantee sufficient seating, we find it important to know in advance the number of participants per topic. You help us tremendously by communicating your preference.

    Where do I find contact information?

    There are several ways to get in contact.

    1. Please reach out to your contact from Customer Success
    2. Send an email to [email protected]
    3. Call us at +31 118 67 10 10

    We're here to help! Drop us a line, if you want to know more about Maxxton Software.

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