Secure data management

Secure storage

Maxxton is fully aware of its responsibilities in managing your data, and it goes without saying that we do an excellent job in taking care of it.

Your data is managed confidentially, reliably, and securely

The databases, file systems, and important configurations are automatically saved daily and subsequently transmitted to an Oracle Cloud and AWS Cloud to ensure adequate protection, even in cases of emergency. In addition, the databases are real-time synchronised to a passive environment as well. This passive environment can take over the workload in disaster-like situations. Your data is managed confidentially, reliably, and securely.
With Maxxton, you can rest assured that all of your key data is optimally and safely managed within a proven, highly advanced, stable, and certified system, in full compliance with the PCI DSS standard (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Google Cloud

The majority of the Maxxton Software infrastructure is hosted in the Google Cloud. We use the latest Kubernetes technology maintained by Google for all our products. This enables us to scale up and down the platform automatically and have the highest security standards.

Modern data centers

In addition to the Google Cloud, Maxxton uses two modern data centres, both of which are operated in compliance with strict security standards and a proven 99,999% uptime. The data centres are equipped with Maxxton’s own hardware, and Maxxton is responsible for its maintenance and modernisation. It was established in collaboration with our hardware and network partners and supports the applications in the Google Cloud with the data it needs. The connection between the data centres and the Google Cloud are based on a redundant private 10 GB/s connection.

Preferred suppliers

Maxxton’s preferred supplier is the Google Cloud platform which offers agility and operates on a trusted platform. In addition, the Google Cloud platform operates with the support of the Oracle database from Equinix locations. Both are regularly maintained and intensively monitored by a team of specialists, as a result of which regular maintenance activities or a possible power failure do not in any way pose a threat to continuity. offer you the agility to transform your business on a trusted platform. Deliver great customer experiences

Fast and stable database

Maxxton software is based on the Oracle Enterprise database, which has been the global leader in this field for many years. We accept nothing less than optimal performance and have therefore selected this thoroughly proven database as a solution for speed and stability. In addition to traditional relational databases, NoSQL solutions play an important role in our platform depending on the need of the software. Over the years we’ve extended our technology stack with other databases as well, examples are Elasticsearch, Mongodb, Postgres and Redis.

High-quality software technology

Good software naturally only functions with the right tools and frameworks, for which Maxxton relies on a selected range of highly specialised technologies, including but not limited:

  • Platform: Kubernetes
  • Databases: Oracle, Elasticsearch, Mongodb, Redis
  • Frameworks: Spring, Nodejs, RabbitMQ, React, Angular
  • Tooling: Git, Jenkins, Docker, Helm, Terraform
Disaster management

Nobody likes to talk about disaster management, but it is an important aspect for which the necessary provisions need to be made. The trick is to find the right balance between risk coverage and the associated costs. With Maxxton the security and availability of your data are given absolute priority. Maxxton, therefore, provides backups, including data recovery, as a standard. These backups are safely stored at different locations to avoid any potential risk. Next to backups, our infrastructure is set up in multiple locations which can take over the workload in case of disasters.

The best security

Maxxton demands the highest level of security for its data centres against burglary, abuse, and other attacks. Our network is shielded by several internal and external firewalls and all traffic is encrypted. It is also partitioned, and each partition is effectively shielded from the other. The connections between the networks of customers and Maxxton are all set up with secure VPN tunnels, a measure that requires continual updating of the software. Google is constantly updating the standard Cloud components including Kubernetes and Maxxton periodically patches its network components, servers, and software. Critical vulnerabilities are patched immediately upon detection, thereby eliminating the misuse of recent vulnerabilities.

Technology partners

Maxxton collaborates with a selected number of companies that assist us in technology, which includes hiring specialised consultants and outsourcing data centre management. Among these partners are:

Google Cloud ( & Equinix (

Our platform runs on a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, made by a combination of the Google Cloud and Equinix Datacenters. In the Equinix Datacenters, we have dedicated specific hardware connected with private, direct, 10Gb/s lines to the Google Cloud.

Oracle Cloud (

Our partner and provider of database solutions. Maxxton has used Oracle databases as one of the main components of its infrastructure ever since it was incorporated.

Qualogy (

Oracle provides the database environment, which is then maintained by Qualogy. They are an Oracle Technology specialist and official partner, providing us with the best database administrators.

You can read the success story about our partnership with Qualogy over here: Maxxton prefers ODA to Exadata.

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