Revenue Manager

Maxxton’s Revenue Manager is your data-driven solution for optimising rates. Revenue Manager is so much more than just a dynamic pricing tool. It helps you to find clusters of comparable accommodations, sends automatic notifications, gives you insights, and ultimately helps you to optimise rates.

Why Maxxton Revenue Manager?

Maxxton’s Revenue Manager helps make data-driven decisions by providing algorithms to cluster resources, predict demand, and optimise rates accordingly. Maxxton’s Revenue Manager is built specifically for holiday parks. Data mining takes place via several data sources (including API connections). This results in analysing over 1 billion data points per day.
Continuously all data is analysed, revised, and refined and you can push the most optimised rates to all your channels in real-time. User-friendly configuration options, dashboards, and clear notifications help you to easily manage your revenue management. This SaaS solution is seamlessly integrated with Maxxton PMS.

  • Transparent prediction model through insights page
  • Automated and manual rate updates possible
  • Traceability of rate updates by notifications
  • Reducing gaps in planboard by predicting demand and optimising rates accordingly per stay date, per resource
  • Focus on holiday parks
  • Continuous improvements by using state-of-the-art machine learning techniques
  • Seamlessly integrated with other Maxxton solutions, which means the data source is most reliable, live updated and directly available

How does it work?

We distinguish five elements that together help you to execute your revenue management.

  • Collections – Here you create bundles of comparable accommodations based on an objective score.
  • Notifications – If the threshold is exceeded, you directly receive a notification.
  • Insights – View the most relevant information of a specific Collection for a specific time period.
  • Optimise rates – This is where you optimise your rates. You can choose between manual adjustments and fully automatic adjustments.
  • Monitor – Keep an overview of all rate adjustments (what and by whom) and with one click you even can revert an adjustment.


Our software calculates which accommodations have a high similarity score. This similarity score is based on the average booking score as well as the average content score. By segmenting those accommodations, you form Collections. Per Collection, per stay date, you set a strategy (revenue/occupancy rate). Furthermore, you set monitors (e.g. “Send me a notification when more than X% of occupancy has been received within the last Y days”). If triggered, it will send a notification.


Based on your wishes and configuration, you will receive notifications for relevant situations. This takes place within the Notification Engine. It helps to call your attention when a monitoring threshold is exceeded. You will find targeted opportunities and relevant (market) information.


In the Insights page, you will find clear and transparent information to make well-informed decisions. For each Collection, you will find relevant information for a specific period. Think of booking pace, Pick-up, Distribution per channel, Offers, and Cancellations.

Optimise rates

Rates can be optimised in a manual and an automatic way. In both ways, your revenue manager stays in control. Your revenue manager can set which periods need extra attention. For instance, for a period like Easter, you can make the threshold for receiving notifications lower than for regular periods. You can also set which periods do not allow automatic changes. You might choose an automatic approach to implement real-time optimisations. In this way, you will never miss opportunities.


Here you can find an overview of all rate changes. In a dashboard, you will find relevant statistics. You can find further information regarding all rate changes that occurred: when, what and by whom. Rate changes easily can be reverted.

“Together with Maxxton’s dedicated team, we professionalised Revenue Management. The huge amount of data is now processed very efficiently and quickly. Clear overviews and straightforward recommendations help us offer the best rates.”

Nancy van den Bosch, Revenue Manager Libéma

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