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An increase in rental popularity and technological growth expanded the vacation rental industry in the last decades. Vacation rentals usually occur in privately owned vacation properties, so the variety of accommodation is broad and inconsistent. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for vacation rentals software for your cottages, villas, self-catering rentals, regular holiday homes or other short term rental properties. The Maxxton vacation rental software will offer a solution to your wishes to manage your vacation rentals and make it possible for you to optimize your accommodations for maximum occupancy throughout the year.

Our all-in-one integrated system contains functionalities like handling reservations, managing operations with work orders, planning the housekeeping, and managing the owner statements that include the energy bill of the accommodation. Furthermore, you will be able to handle your pricing, promos and offers easy and fast, and automate all your important communications to guests for your vacation rentals.

These Maxxton booking software related modules are developed specifically for the needs of the hospitality industry by providing vacation rental customers with real-time access to data.

Don’t spend time to keep an overview of all your software licenses, fixing bugs between systems and negotiating with IT providers for better prices. Pick the relevant Maxxton software modules. Supported languages are Dutch, English, German and French.

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Take care of your

Owner Management

and linked owner contracts

If your inventory is supplied by private owners, efficient owner management is key. Your contract department can manage owners and create, add or edit the linked contracts to handle contract renewal and termination. The finance department is able to view and modify contract details and automatically create financial settlements.

Owners can access all relevant details and automatically updated information through a seamless integrated owner portal. In this portal the owner can also create reservations for themselves and other guests.

  • Owner Portal
  • Owner Settlement
MXTS Reservations - List view
MXTS Reservations - Blocks view
MXTS Reservations - Map view
  • List view
  • Blocks view
  • Map view

Create and manage


with ease

Our system is designed to easily create and modify reservations. Those reservations can be made by an unlimited number of channels, like your own call center, website, online booking module or automatically generated through various distribution channels. Depending on the reservation category only relevant information will be shown about your accommodations. This enables you to quickly provide accurate details to your guests. This central reservation system optimizes the availability of your accommodations and enables your staff members to sell multiple units, accommodations and offers from one screen.

Feel and take ownership over your

Channel Management

Manage all of your online booking channels from one central source. Reservations made via your own website, through distribution channels or e-commerce travel platforms such as, HomeAway, Expedia and AirBnb are automatically set into the system. Rates, bookings and changes are updated real-time across all Online Travel Agencies (OTA), avoiding double-bookings and ensuring seamless reservations.

MXTS Channel Manager
Maxxton Software Rate Manager

Advanced and maximized

Rate Management

Manage rates in a simple, user-friendly and accurate way. Define your rate strategies and manage the pricing overview in combination with the occupancy in order to optimize and maximize your revenue management. Rates, offers and availability can be updated per accommodation and in batches.

Housekeeping and Maintenance services combined for your


All on-site operations for housekeeping, work orders and periodical tasks are captured within one application that talks to the central Maxxton database. By setting your specific configuration, the software calculates the number of employees required to perform the tasks and generates cleaning and maintenance schedules.

Authorized staff members in the field can view the list of accommodations in a map and list view, and update directly their work orders via the mobile app (iOS and Android compatible). They can also add comments, photos and materials for the work order in the app. Taking internet issues into account the app is also accessible offline. Data will be synced once the app is online again.


Notifications sent and enabled in an efficient way

Send by trigger

Send by trigger

Notifications can be triggered event-driven, periodically or manually. Trigger notifications are based on 80+ parameters, for example depending on book date, reservation status, distribution channel or specifically booked add-ons.

Send methods

Send methods

Our software is designed to send different kind of notifications like e-mail, post or sms to guests, owners, travel agents and employees. Manage your own configuration by which type of notification is sent to whom. Notifications can be created in line with your corporate style and as per your requirements, for example for reservation confirmations, reminders and payment confirmations.

MXTS Front Office - Dashboard
MXTS Front Office - Planning Chart
Maxxton Software Frontoffice Check-in
  • Dashboard
  • Planning chart
  • Check-in


handles Check-in, Check-out and Cash Register

Manage arrivals and departures easily at your front office or reception from a clear and real-time dashboard. The Front Office software entails a diversity of functionality like finding a customer, checking in and out reservations, changing the reservation status and customer details, printing reports (e.g. invoice), printing cards (e.g. swimming pool / barrier / door lock), collect payments, selling add-ons, assign clean accommodations and create work orders. All tasks related to guests during their stay can be fulfilled from a tablet application based on a simple and clear overview.

Content Management

in a simple and smart manner

Easily manage the growing volume of enterprise content that is required to run your business and support critical decisions. The content management software is developed for editing or adding the content for dashboards, locations, accommodations and units, amenities, add-ons, implies, activities and media. As a user of the software, you can add individual or bulk content related to the mentioned content above.

Bookings engine
Maxxton Software Content Manager

Analyze your data
and gain insight with

Business Intelligence

Take advantage by adding intelligence to the hospitality business through analyzing and visualizing your own data independently. Based on that data you might discover trends and correlations which provide you new insight as management information. Using Business Intelligence with dashboards, OLAP-tools and reports directly connected to our central database, it gives you insight into extensive reservations and accommodation-related data. Thereby the software is enabling you to compare e.g. sales figures or the number of bookings for this year with those of the previous year. All sorts of questions and insights about the number and nature of booked products, promotions, additions and packages can be answered without intervention of your IT department.

Account for revenue and manage incoming and outgoing

Financial transactions

Have all your financial details in one place! The Maxxton system acts as a sub administration for your bookkeeping system in which all the financial details related to the core business are present. Process and monitor incoming payments for reservations, keep an overview on your debtors and create outgoing payment files for refunds on reservations or settlements with external parties. The system is multi-currency supporting, so daily accounting of revenue and costs can be done in one or more currencies. Excellent export functionalities are present, to easily reconcile all financial data of your company in the bookkeeping system.

Maxxton Software API

“Thanks to Maxxton we were even able to expand during the bad economic situation. Maxxton Software ensures a sound financial administration, even with a complex ownership setup. The APIs also provide connectivity with OTA and the channel management system, both of which play an important role in terms of sales and the prevention of double bookings.”

Jolanda Kamphuis
General Manager of Operations
De Krim Texel

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