Beyond property management

Maxxton software provides you all of the reporting modules, dashboards and business intelligence tools you need, including transparent sales results. Thereby enabling you to manage your organization based on current facts and correct KPIs.

Unique all-in-one database solution

Maxxton provides access to all business and customer data in a central database, which guarantees simple and stable connectivity with peripheral equipment and facility management systems.

Distribution and connectivity

Bookings are received centrally through your website or through booking channels such as Booking.com, HomeAway, SiteMinder and Bookit. Maxxton provides links to the best known channels, and its integration team continually develops new links.

You’re about to improve your performance

We provide a single, enterprise resource planning system for all your operational requirements. With a strong and proven global track record, the Maxxton ERP system for bookings and business operations is the only one of its kind, offering stability, versatility and scalability in data processing, while reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and creating (new) marketing opportunities for your organization. Working with Maxxton also maximizes transparency and prepares your organization for growth. Numerous companies operating in the global hospitality industry benefit from Maxxton in terms of organization and performance.


New customer EuroParcs (NL)

March 30 2017

Warm welcome to our new customer EuroParcs (NL)

After a very short and quick implementation period EuroParcs (NL) will start using our software solution Maxxton from April 1, 2017.  



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