Maxxton | 24 April 2024

Enlight up the city of light! 25Y anniversary trip to Paris

In a delightful blend of cultural sharing and joyful togetherness, teams from The Netherlands and France unite for a heartwarming weekend in the enchanting streets of Paris. Surrounded by the vibrant ambiance, the gathering presents delightful culinary delights, a cosy evening of celebration, and plenty of chances to wander and savour the allure of this enchanting city collectively.

25 years in a nutshell

In 1998, Maxxton was born out of a desire to streamline operations for holiday parks. Since then, we’ve specialised in developing software tailored for large vacation parks with diverse locations and complex needs, such as multi-currency and multi-language support. Our journey has been marked by significant milestones, including expanding operations to India in 2005, enhancing software professionalism, establishing a new headquarters, and witnessing substantial growth in our team. In 2022, we proudly opened a new office in Paris, further strengthening our presence in Europe. Along the way, we’ve focused on professionalising our management team, refining organisational roles, and seizing additional business opportunities by integrating new data-driven software solutions like revenue management tools. Over the course of 25 years, our journey underscores our dedication to the hospitality sector through innovation, operational excellence, and ongoing industry advancement.

Future forecast

Looking ahead, Maxxton is gearing up for some exciting changes. With a new headquarters currently being built, we’re doubling down on our efforts to expand further across Europe. We’ve already made significant progress in becoming more professional, and we are committed to continuing this trend. Our software is evolving too, with advancements in areas like Machine Learning and AI, as well as staying up-to-date with changing regulations and catering to the needs of different countries. These developments ensure that Maxxton remains a leader in hospitality software, ready to tackle whatever comes our way.

Recommendation: watch the 25Y anniversary celebration of our Indian team: Go to video.

25 years of Maxxton in a nutshell

Maxxton | 24 April 2024
Global provider of market-leading hospitality software-as-a-service for the large vacation & short-term rental industry.
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