Maxxton | 29 January 2024

New partnership with Molecaten

Over the recent months, we’ve carefully examined how Molecaten’s business aligns with the capabilities of Maxxton Software to ensure a seamless match, leading to a new partnership. We are delighted to announce that Molecaten and Maxxton have great confidence in this collaboration.

Bio Vakantieoord

To commemorate this collaboration, a symbolic cheque has been presented for complimentary stays at Bio Vakantieoord. This gesture underscores our commitment to a close partnership and social responsibility. Bio Vakantieoord, aims to be the premier holiday park in Europe for children requiring intensive assistance and their families.

“At Molecaten, we actively monitor market trends. Recognising the significant impact of transitioning our core system, we have invested significant time in the selection process. After engaging in multiple discussions, demonstrations, and in-depth explorations, we are confident that opting for Maxxton is the optimal choice for our organisation.”
Ton de Rooij, Director of Molecaten & Co-Owner Robin Pope Safaris


“I am delighted with our new partnership with Molecaten. The open, transparent, and personal communication has been outstanding. Molecaten clearly outlines their vision for the business, and I have full confidence that our collaboration will make us stronger together.“
Ruben de Looff, CEO of Maxxton

About Molecaten
Molecaten, a family-owned company, has operated campgrounds and holiday parks in scenic locations, showing respect for both people and the environment. 17 of those parks are located in The Netherlands, 1 in Hungary. Molecaten also partners up with Robin Pope Safaris, a company led and owned by Ton & Margaux de Rooij, which specialises in organising adventurous safaris and owns lodges and camps in Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. Their sustainable business practices contribute to society, and we actively embrace social responsibility at local and national levels. They consider recreation a fundamental human need, serving individual well-being. Committed to their family mission, they pursue a contemporary, socially responsible approach, collaborating with partners to create sustainable accommodations for future guests. The evolving needs of Molecaten’s guests drive them to continually innovate and adapt, ensuring a modern, affordable, and surpassing experience.

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    Maxxton | 29 January 2024
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