For whom?

Are you a manager?

Working with the Maxxton software solution for your business operations reduces costs, increases efficiency, and creates (new) marketing opportunities. It also maximizes transparency and prepares your organization for growth.

The central storage of data guarantees permanent insight into the results of your organization. Whether relating to the actual number of new bookings for a specific location, new bookings for the entire company or new bookings received through the website, Maxxton software provides you all of the reporting modules, dashboards and business intelligence tools you need to access the key management data you need, including transparent sales results, thereby enabling you to manage your organization based on current facts and correct KPIs. The systems data also provides ample opportunity for online and offline marketing activities aimed at attracting visitors for another stay and/or generating new customers, including numerous options to establish links with major external booking channels  such as, HomeAway, SiteMinder, Bookit and BungalowSpecials.

In addition to generating business intelligence and increasing marketing opportunities, Maxxton is also an indispensable tool for managing organizational processes such as (domestic and technical services) your Housekeeping and Maintenance services, and offers everything you need to efficiently and effectively organize your planning. Once your internal processes have been optimized with Maxxton’s SaaS (Service as Software) and its leading Maxxton ERP system, your organization will be ready for the future.

Are you a consultant?

Maxxton guarantees permanent insight into the results of your organization as a result of central data storage. All components contain the same up-to-date information. Maxxton software gives you access to all of the key data you need, from standard reports on operational processes to key indicator management reports.

The Maxxton ERP system offers various modules, including an online booking module with a guest and owner portal. It is a comprehensive system, meaning that you only have to deal with one party. We provide a standardized and comprehensive package with a wide range of customization options, and we always see to it that solutions are found for all issues. The system also offers support for highly complex ownership constructions and available links to GDS systems and parties such as, SiteMinder and other tour operators.

Are you responsible for the IT within your company?

Maxxton relieves IT departments from maintenance work and other activities such as monitoring the possible loss of data. This gives your department much more time to spend on challenging projects such as the development and maintenance of websites, booking modules and mobile applications (apps). Maxxton guarantees that all of your key data is optimally and securely managed within a proven, highly advanced, stable and certified system, in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Our compliance with strict requirements, rigorous procedures and continual inspection procedures guarantees a permanently secure SaaS (Software as a Service) environment within which you can work. Maxxton provides access to all business and customer data in a central database, which guarantees simple and stable connectivity with other systems, e.g. peripheral equipment and facility management systems such as door locks, barriers, turnstiles for access to places such as swimming pools, televisions, cash registers used at hotels and restaurants, and printers, or even links to external booking channels such as, HomeAway, SiteMinder, Bookit and BungalowSpecials. Click here for the technical specifications of Maxxton software.