Frank Louwerse | 21 March 2022

Data Migration Guidelines

Within the Hospitality Industry, data migration is not a day-to-day activity for most organisations. This guideline highlights the key points to keep in mind. A correct flow always leads to successful data migrations. This way the structure and the methodical work can be better displayed. First, it is essential to define the scope. Within this scope, you select the data to be migrated. Subsequently, you transfer this data to a test environment, in order to trace possible errors during data validation. Only when everything is correct you transfer data to a live environment.

Key Principles

Best practices can be extracted from many data migration projects, which are summarised into specific guidelines in the overview below. When these principles are applied and the mentioned pitfalls are avoided, the data migration will be brought to a successful conclusion in a managed and controlled manner.

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    Frank Louwerse | 21 March 2022
    Frank has been working at Maxxton since 2017. He specialises in finance and has been fulfilling the role of Business Consultant with successful implementations.
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