Robin Wolffensperger, Nilesh Wani and Rob Sonke | 14 December 2022

Transparency with all-in prices that includes all additional costs

Transparent pricing ensures a better customer experience during the booking process. For this reason, Maxxton ensures that during the entire booking process, it is possible to show your website visitor correct prices that include all additional costs. An all-in price solution is available via the Web Manager or via our API integration. This solution will help you to minimise the exit rate throughout the booking process.

What does it entail?

The bill includes fixed and variable mandatory costs. Variable mandatory costs include costs that depend on the number of people in the booking. You can think of cleaning, tourist tax, pet fees, and fees for an extra person.

How is this done?

Within Maxxton Software, you can link all mandatory costs to your available accommodation. Through smart pricing rules in the search index, all-in prices are displayed without performance loss. For example, if your website visitor indicates that they are a company of three instead of two, the bill with all fixed and variable mandatory costs is immediately adjusted and displayed, for instance, due to additional tourist tax. We also make it possible to configure more sophisticated cost structures. Such as a capping limit, with a price of €10 per night for a pet, with a total maximum value of €100. Another example is the tourist tax, which only has to be paid for the first 7 days. Of course, the visitor to your website can view further details of the billing structure.

Web Manager

Maxxton’s Web Manager allows you to show all-in prices, ensuring that the right customer journey is being provided. No matter what search or book step your website visitor is in or what search filters are active, real-time subject-based all-inclusive prices will be shown. This includes all mandatory additional costs as well.

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    Robin Wolffensperger, Nilesh Wani and Rob Sonke | 14 December 2022
    All three work on technologies that are at the core of the PMS.
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