Maxxton | 10 August 2022

Web Manager: Your tool for facilitating the online customer journey

In partnership with several holiday parks and OTAs, we have developed new features that make the Web Manager even more relevant for the Hospitality Industry. In addition, the complete and direct integration with Maxxton Software has been further exploited. Maxxton’s Web Manager is built to take the stress out of managing your website and enables you to make dynamic page updates and modifications. Web Manager is a from-scratch, in-house-built Content management system (CMS).

New features

We highlight here five new features out of many others:

  • Guest environment
  • Integrated booking engine
  • Dynamic linking components
  • Conditional widget integration
  • Search and book accommodations on map


  • No inaccurate or delayed data
  • Optimise your customer journey
  • Increase your direct online bookings
Integrated booking engine

When guests search for an accommodation, they see up-to-date availability with the relevant prices. A booking engine can also be designed and shaped to your own taste. For instance, you can let the visitor filter by date, accommodation type, region, number of people, price, etc. You can set all these filter options yourself. That way you make the filtering all the more relevant for your target audience. By working with a one-click template, you can easily integrate a booking engine on specific landing pages. You can also set a discount or conditions for specific promotions (e.g. summer promotions). With the Web Manager, data, intuitive and customisable design, and user experience all come together.

Guest environment

The success of your business is largely affected by its level of customer satisfaction. When your customers have a pleasant experience, they will more likely return in the future and they will share their experience with friends and family members, resulting in even more sales for your business.
Furthermore, a satisfied customer means less work for the help desk and additional sales from add-ons and you can also exhibit current add-on offers. By displaying relevant information on one page, you ensure that a customer is always up-to-date and in control before, during, and after the stay. For example, in the ‘My environment’ section, the customer can view, modify and update booking information e.g. registration number for automatic gate barrier, time of arrival, view and edit option for travel parties, etc.

  • Reduce additional work for the customer service
  • Provide the guests full control of their reservation
  • Stand out from your competition with a full-on product
  • Provide the guests with the ultimate customer experience

Search accommodation on map

With our Web Manager your guests can choose and book their accommodation of preference at the location of preference with the use of a user-friendly and an interactive map. It is immediately visible on the interactive map which locations are available for the selected period and which are already taken. This is ideal for holiday parks, campsites, and vacation rental accommodations. It is possible for you to filter relevant parameters on the map: e.g. amenities, availability, number of persons, and destination. Based on the selected filters the map will be updated and the guest is shown the relevant results.

Conditional widgets integration

Maxxton offers you an elegant new feature, conditional widget integrations, which is personalised content tailored to your specific business needs. A key aspect of conditional widget integration is getting the right content on the right page at the right time. This feature also enables you to determine whether or not each widget appears on a specific page, and also tailor the flow/route the guest can take. Because of the static and dynamic nature of the widgets, you can easily display various alternative add-ons on your page e.g. when a guest travels with a child, you can display add-ons specifically for children. Conditional widgets increase the probability of success and make the guest feel like they’ve just received personalized support from you.

Dynamic linking components

If you have multiple dynamic contents on your page with the resort, accommodation information, or just a location. You can each link specific parts of these components towards the page that you configure but also based on a flow. Web manager is offering you out-of-the-box and best practice templates. This way you can test different layouts and how to present them to your guests. In addition, you can build and create your own result panels for accommodation type and unit/object.

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Martin Meijering
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What is Maxxton's Web Manager?

The Web Manager is an in-house built Content Management System (CMS). It is a tool to optimise your customer journey touchpoints and to increase your direct bookings.

Why to use Maxxton's Web Manager?

The reason that Maxxton has developed the Web Manager is to bridge the gap between the ‘front’ and ‘back’. Traditional websites are static and do not show accurate information that is obtained from the PMS databases. Moreover, with traditional websites, you come face-to-face with unnecessary diversions. Additionally, plugins and all sorts of different software can create inefficiencies or even worse, inaccurate or delayed data. With the Web Manager, you are able to focus on marketing (‘front’) and increasing the number of bookings. Maxxton handles the technique (‘back’).

Who is using the Web Manager?
  • De Krim
  • Vodatent
  • Vacansoleil
  • Farmcamps
  • Weerribben
  • Alpin Rentals
  • Nautic Rentals
  • Ourthe Somme
  • Lifestyle Holidays
  • Castle Vacation Rentals
  • Corporate housing factory
How to retrieve further information?

For more information or additional questions, you can contact Martin Meijering, [email protected], or [email protected].

How can I keep my website up-to-date?

Maxxton offers you a range of online services to assist you to keep your website up-to-date. Furthermore, Web Manager concerns a SaaS module and there are continuous improvements. You don’t need to build features from scratch.

Can I publish a page multiple times?

Yes, you only need to create a page once. Even on different domains and in a different look and feel.

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