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Maxxton Web Manager

Award-winning software for handling all of your online platforms.

Maxxton Web Manager, our from scratch developed content management software will boost your online performance by developing and maintaining your own website with dynamic and static content, including a fully integrated booking module solution. Optionally, the online solution can be extended with a guest portal and owner portal functionality as well.

The reason for developing our Web Manager is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) on both mobile and desktop devices, to attract as much as possible guests with your online presence and boost the revenue from your website.

The seamless integration with the Maxxton Software database makes it obsolete to maintain content in multiple environments with other third parties.

Maxxton Web Manager


Manage all page structures
Hierarchy layout builder with preview
Front-end layout builder

Manage the widgets on the page
Modify the functionality of styling
Edit, change or clone the widgets on page

Manage SEO on page level
All meta data, Friendly URL management
Redirects and Structured data


Web content

Manage all content individually
Better reusability on every page
Not bounded to a single page

Front-end change and edit functions
Fast replacing web contents
Strong visual previewer

Different kinds of web content
Raw – Cards – teasers – revealer
Static reviews or script boxes

Schedule content
Schedule content for a specific date
Events Manage tags / labels on each content
Static reviews or script boxes

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