Your planning chart is bleeding.

A case study on the Reallocation Engine.

In the digital era, presenting your offerings to guests in the best possible way is essential. Effectively matching supply and demand not only contributes to a better customer journey but also results in increased bookings and revenue. For this reason, we’ve developed a tool called the Reallocation Engine. In this article, we explain the benefits of this tool.

Reallocation Engine

The Reallocation Engine (RE), developed by Maxxton, optimises occupancy rates and maximises availability in the holiday park industry. By automatically identifying available accommodations and rearranging booked units, it fills gaps in the booking calendar in real-time. This hyper-efficient process considers multiple factors, including customer preferences, to minimise gaps and increase revenue opportunities. Through its advanced algorithm, RE ensures speed and accuracy, enhancing user experience and conversion rates. With the ability to seamlessly integrate via API connections, it offers a preferred choice of bookings while streamlining operational processes.

  • Availability is updated at least every 15 minutes.
  • All possible options of availability are displayed.
  • A reallocation booking is initiated only after a guest has booked.
  • The planning chart is automatically updated accordingly.
Benefits of the Reallocation Engine

Since April 2023, RE has been active with several of our clients. Based on hundreds of thousands of bookings, we can indicate the results RE has delivered so far. All clients have experienced a positive trend. Below is the range from lowest to highest displayed:


  • More bookings: 3.0% ⇥ 4.6%
  • Additional revenue per booking: 2.2% ⇥ 4.3%
  • New bookings with paid preference: 7.3% ⇥ 13.6%


The Reallocation Engine by Maxxton exemplifies how digital tools can transform the hospitality industry, particularly in niche markets like holiday parks. By optimizing the match between supply and demand, improving customer satisfaction through personalized experiences, and increasing operational efficiency, RE represents a significant forward leap in ho

Q&A with Roompot about the Reallocation Engine Story

Can you introduce your company and your role within it?

“I am Eefje Dekkers of Roompot and Landal GreenParks, the leading holiday destinations provider in the Europe, offering a widevariety of accommodations and holiday options, to match any preference and budget; from beach houses to design villas, and from glamping to luxury camping on the farm..”


What prompted you work with Maxxton on developing the Reallocation Engine?

“We were facing challenges with optimizing our booking calendar and minimizing vacancy periods. Initially we were thinking about optimizing our booking calendar once a night. However, the Reallocation Engine (RE) went beyond that by optimizing our booking calendar real-time when new bookings come in.”


How has the Reallocation Engine improved your booking process?

“Since integrating the RE, our booking process has become much more efficient. The system’s capability to update availability in real-time and reallocate units dynamically has reduced our administrative workload and improved customer satisfaction by offering them more options.”


What specific results have you seen in terms of bookings and revenue?

“Since implementing the RE, we’ve seen a significant increase in bookings . These new bookings were made possible by reallocating existing reservations.”


Have you noticed any improvements in customer satisfaction?

“Absolutely. Before implementing the RE, it was possible that guests could not make the booking which they desired and could get disappointed about that. They went for their next best option or, worse, they left the booking process disappointed.
In a lot of cases it would be possible to meet the guests wishes. After implementing the RE, we’ve seen the increase in bookings, but also a rise in bookings with preferences, indicating more satisfaction.”


Would you recommend the Reallocation Engine to other businesses in the hospitality sector?

“I would highly recommend the RE to any business in the hospitality sector looking to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The results speak for themselves, and the scalability of the tool makes it suitable for all sizes of operations.”




Stefan Schoenmaker | 11 June 2024
Stefan has been involved at Maxxton since 2014. As Marketing Director he takes care of the general external Maxxton communication, marketing strategy and marketing activities.
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