Robin Wolffensperger | 4 May 2022

Hybrid index mode

Optimised availability search performance

Continuously combining tech expertise and hospitality industry-specific knowledge to develop state-of-the-art software solutions. One of the most recent projects was the Hybrid Index Mode.
It is very common that rate data is configured in a different price format between supplier data and data in Maxxton Software. For instance, a night price versus a length of stay price (2 or more nights). The performance of a specific index differs per rate data format. So, it is important to choose the correct price index when searching in an availability index. Especially, for orienting website visitors, it is important to show availability data as quickly as possible. The hybrid index mode is designed to prevent and manage these issues and it is perfectly suited to improve your performance.

How does the hybrid index mode work?

Supplier rate data is connected to Maxxton software. All availability with several indices is stored in a central place. In this illustration, a website visitor is looking for available dates. In the background, the hybrid index mode allows indexing in two different types of availability indices for the website visitor. Following the quick search by the hybrid index mode, the availability of both indices is combined together. Subsequently, one result is sent to the Web Manager or the API. The website visitor sees all available units in an instant since parallel searching in small data sets is the most efficient way with respect to speed performance.

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    Robin Wolffensperger | 4 May 2022
    Robin has been working at Maxxton since 2015 as a Software Engineer. After he graduated from TU Eindhoven (Technical Computer Science & Business Information System) he has been building and improving Maxxton software.
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