Maxxton | 7 July 2023

Hacking by the Sea 2023

The Hacking by the Sea 2023 hackathon was a great success. At least 100 students participated and contributed to this success. Assignments in different categories are completed over a 24-hour period. Maxxton is a proud sponsor and is hosting a workshop, putting knowledge and skills to work.

Network and knowledge

Companies in the region are working together with students from HZ University of Applied Sciences to put on a great educational event for the talents of the future!
Maxxton’s colleague Paul van den Dool Paul shared his enthusiasm for the CSS language with the students by showing them all the new possibilities that have been added in the past two years or that can be expected to land in the browsers in the next year. His main message was that you can create more performant features by using CSS rather than other programming languages

“CSS is often treated as a second-class citizen in the development community. It’s often deemed not as important as other programming languages and it has a reputation of being difficult to work with. But in the last 10 years the language has done a lot to shake that reputation and especially in the last two years there has been a real CSS revolution”.

Paul van den Dool, Frontend Developer

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    Maxxton | 7 July 2023
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