Maxxton | 18 January 2024

Maxxton and Libéma extend partnership

We are thrilled to announce the positive news of extending our partnership with Libéma. Libéma has achieved remarkable success in recent years, marked by a period of expansion and a recent award for their new Safari hotel. This collaborative journey not only underscores our commitment to innovation but also signifies a joyous celebration of shared successes and a strengthened partnership.


Maxxton is thrilled to announce the extension of its partnership with Libéma. The happiness comes not only from the successful collaboration but also from the innovative approach and the proactive adoption of new features showcased by Libéma. Maxxton values the partnership for more than just the business aspect; they express genuine satisfaction with the friendly and professional colleagues at Libéma. The collaborative efforts have been marked by a proactive approach to projects, showing close business involvement, and using a flexible system tailored to the dynamic needs of the leisure industry.

“At Libéma, Maxxton has proven to be a reliable partner. We truly appreciate the strong support provided by their customer service team. The foundation of our collaboration with Maxxton is built on a robust working relationship marked by open communication and efficient interaction. This teamwork has been instrumental in propelling our partnership forward, and we look forward to continued success together.”
Dirk Lips, founder and director of Libéma


“I extend my gratitude to Libéma for their trust and the opportunity to further grow together in the coming years. Nearly every Dutch citizen has experienced the hospitality of Libéma at one of their facilities, setting a benchmark in the hospitality industry. We take pride in partnering with them to build a better hospitality industry. Libéma’s commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with our vision at Maxxton, and we look forward to continued collaboration, setting new standards and creating exceptional experiences for guests.”
Ruben de Looff, CEO of Maxxton

About Libéma

Libéma, one of the largest leisure concerns in the Netherlands with over 20 locations: Attraction Parks, Holiday Parks, and Fairs & Events. Home to renowned sites like Beekse Bergen and Brabanthallen, they annually welcome over five million guests. As a family-owned business, Libéma excels in developing, financing, and managing recreational real estate, building animal habitats, overseeing amusement parks, and supporting events. Their commitment to quality experiences is reflected in an open, professional atmosphere, ensuring guests feel welcomed and leave with more than they expected. Libéma has consistently been at the forefront of adopting innovative modules, exemplified by their early adoption of revenue management practices.

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    Maxxton | 18 January 2024
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