Maxxton | 4 January 2024

Extended collaboration: RCN and Maxxton unite for ongoing success

With great joy, we announce the exciting news that RCN Holiday Parks has recently signed a long-term contract with Maxxton. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have decided to share the joy and do something special. Maxxton is delighted to present a charitable donation in the form of a voucher for free accommodations, embodying the spirit: “Your smile, their smile… Double the joy.” This gesture not only symbolises our extended commitment but also underscores our joint dedication to supporting positive initiatives. We look forward to growing together and contributing even more to creating unforgettable experiences for guests and the broader community.

Working more efficiently by implementing advanced features

In our collaborative efforts to uphold the highest business standards, RCN is actively elevating its functionality through the integration of additional features from Maxxton Software. Noteworthy examples of these enhancements include:

  • Activity Planner: The Activity Planner is a specialised tool designed for animation and sporting events, as well as ticketing capabilities, ensuring precise scheduling and coordination.
  • Reallocation Engine: The Reallocation Engine seamlessly adjusts planning charts to accommodate new bookings, and has proven its successful handling of additional bookings, leading to a noticeable increase in revenue.
  • Notification Manager: The Notification Manager automatically sends emails upon the completion of due dates. This includes ensuring the timely delivery of periodic reports from homeowners, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient workflow.
Elevating Business Standards Together

RCN contributes clear and constructive input towards the organisation’s direction, while Maxxton leverages industry insights. Together, we continuously raise the bar, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Notable examples include:

  • Weekly Replenishment Meetings: Regular gatherings between RCN and Maxxton aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and streamlining cooperation.
  • Benchmark Learning: Started with actively engaging in communication with peers to learn from benchmark standards and gain insights into optimal business practices. For instance, we often inquire about specific situations to understand how other organisations address similar challenges, fostering a collaborative exchange of knowledge.
  • Training Initiatives: Conducting various training sessions over the past year, covering fundamental principles for front office managers and in-depth sessions for park managers and reception heads. These sessions focus on system understanding, mutual learning, and ensuring software alignment with practical needs.

Maxxton has been an invaluable partner in transforming our IT infrastructure. Their innovative solutions have streamlined our operations, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for our guests. The dedication and expertise of the Maxxton team have truly elevated our technological capabilities, contributing significantly to the success of RCN Holiday Parks.”

Bert Boone, CFO RCN


From the moment our collaboration began in 2022, RCN has felt like more than a business partner—it’s a team of innovators and dedicated individuals. The emphasis on personal connections and the shared journey of continual improvement makes every achievement with RCN a personal point of pride.

Ruben de Looff, CEO Maxxton

About RCN

RCN offers diverse holiday experiences across eighteen parks in the Netherlands, France, and Germany, each with a unique character set amidst scenic countryside. Whether camping or in rental accommodation, their central focus is hospitality for a relaxing stay. With facilities and activities for all ages reflecting local culture, RCN has been blending camping and accommodation for over 70 years. What sets them apart is a commitment to social responsibility; every euro of the profit distribution supports impactful projects for those who can’t take a holiday for granted. At RCN, guests can be themselves, with respect and tailored experiences from simple tents to luxurious villas. Dedication to improvement ensures safe, natural environments for all guests.

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    Maxxton | 4 January 2024
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