Maxxton | 21 June 2022

Maxxton has appointed two new board members

Maxxton has announced the new organisational structure as it aims to improve efficiency and provide greater transparency within the company.
Ankita Saxena and Mayank Gupta have been appointed as CPO and CED to Maxxton’s Board of directors effective the second half of 2022. With their expertise and supporting business solutions at Maxxton, Ankita and Mayank deliver a proven capacity to fuel business growth and strengthen innovation and development. In addition, Maxxton’s new management structure will offer more clearly defined roles and responsibilities within the organisation.

Ankita has been a valuable member of the Maxxton team for over 8 years. She has broad experience in product management, supporting business solution software and analysing business operations. The same goes for Mayank Gupta, who has been working at Maxxton for 12 years. As Chief of Engineering & Development Mayank will be in charge of the engineering department, leading a team as they work on various projects with the most proficiency and completeness.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ankita and Mayank to our board of directors,” stated Ruben de Looff. “Our aim is to continually acknowledge our talented committed colleagues and bring fresh and diverse perspectives to the Maxxton management team. Ankita’s and Mayank’s multi-faceted background is an addition to the depth and breadth of experience represented on Maxxton’s board as Maxxton continues to transform the hospitality industry by delivering excellent ERP software solutions specifically developed for the holiday resorts, camping parks, and rentals. So, the new members are definitely going to provide the organisation with their expertise, and innovations and boost Maxxton’s continued successes”.

Ruben de Looff, Maxxton’s CEO

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    Maxxton | 21 June 2022
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