Maxxton | 23 February 2021

Maxxton software achieves French NF525 certification

Maxxton successfully passed the NF525 certification process through the software certification specialists from Infocert to meet the needs of its existing and future customers in France. This certification attributes conformance with French fiscal legislation for Maxxton Software, which aligns with an EU-wide effort to combat VAT fraud across all member states.

French fiscal law to reduce VAT fraud

This fiscal law Article 88 specifies that any person subject to VAT, must, when recording the regulations of his customers, by mean of an accounting or management software or a cash register system, use software or a system that satisfies the conditions of inalterability, security, storage and archiving of data. And this, for the control of the tax administration.

The French government introduced this new fiscal law that took effect on 1 January 2018, and it requires all retailers in France to use point-of-sale (POS) systems that comply with specific standards designed to reduce VAT fraud. POS devices in France must now comply with the main principles of the law including being certified by a government authority. Software providers and retailers with non-compliant POS systems could be subjected to fines for each applicable software or cash register system until the certification is confirmed.

Which financial processes should be covered correctly in the software?

All sale transactions have a unique digital signature and are stored safe, correct, and complete in the database. Once archived, the transactions cannot be altered or modified. A secure archive must be maintained and exportable for seven years to the fiscal authorities. Besides that, an electronic archive must be maintained for all transactions, and reports must be available by registered devices on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis to the fiscal authorities.

The list of certified software solutions can be viewed on the Infocert website.

Passing the rigorous Infocert audit and certification program to comply with the French fiscal law took intensive and important effort by our organisation to support our existing and future customers operating in France. To comply with French regulation, our Maxxton Software property management system incorporates functionality to manage tickets (POS transactions), invoices (reservation revenue) and traceability of data events in a proper manner. It is now confirmed with this NF525 certification as well that the output for official documents is in accordance with legislation when the required system configuration is respected by the users of our system.

Ruben de Looff, CEO Maxxton

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    Maxxton | 23 February 2021
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