Maxxton | 3 January 2022

Review of 2021

Consolidation and localization

Within the Hospitality Industry it was a year of consolidation and localization. It was also a year of great differences. While the trends for some resulted in significant growth or in a high occupancy rate, for others it has led to survival on the reserves. This was due to the absence of, in particular, the international tourists and expats.

Great demand

According to most of Maxxton’s clients, the holiday homes with private facilities were in great demand. Especially for tourists from local regions. Moreover, consolidation and scale are also clearly visible, respectively Landal with Roompot and Europarcs with Droomparken. It is notable that a lot of money from private equity and investment banks is flowing into the sector. So, there are a lot of possibilities and potential. No wonder that Maxxton has a new record: 1.2 million reservations in 2021.

New collaborations

When looking back at 2021, it was a busy year for Maxxton; think of implementations of new customers such as RCN Vakantieparken, Landal UK and Europarcs/Droomparken. The Web Manager team has also been able to support many of our new clients. Of course Maxxton Software has been further developing:

  • The Revenue Manager project started alongside with Maxxton’s dedicated clients
  • Optimize the revenue of available units with the Reallocation engine
  • Innovative and effective Customer Care solutions.

Overall, 2021 was a year that hasn’t been without its challenges. However, with our amazing team and clients we are delighted that we have many successes to be proud of.

1.2 million reservations

The strong growth has led to a new record of 1.2 million reservations in 2021

Scaling and consolidation

Acquisitions, growth and investments are clearly visible in the Hospitality Industry

New collaborations

Successful start with RCN Holiday Parks, Landal UK and Europarcs/Droomparken

Innovation and development

Various scrum teams have developed new features and software applications

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    Maxxton | 3 January 2022
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