Maxxton | 19 October 2022

Integrated barrier dashboard

Smart entry products of Koole Controls together with Maxxton Software result in an integrated barrier dashboard. Granting access for visitors with vehicles to holiday parks and campings becomes smarter and simpler. We will discuss the following three topics:

  • Adding licence plate number to reservation
  • Dashboarding & status
  • Granting temporary access

“The realisation of the integration between our SmartEntry system and Maxxton Software is such a valuable innovation. Front desk employees, in many cases, have to work with multiple systems to perform their daily operations. I feel that these employees need to use as few systems as needed. This innovation hugely supports that, as the front desk employee, working in Maxxton Software, has the possibility to see the logs of the barrier (in case a guest calls through the intercom), create temporary access for non-guests visiting family or friends on site, and change the working mode of a barrier without having to change systems.”

Jeroen Koole. Founder Koole controls

1. Adding licence plate number to reservation

If applicable, Maxxton Software adds a licence plate number to a reservation. There are different options for this:

  • Guest – Your guest submits his licence plate number itself during the reservation process. In addition, your guest can adjust or add information in the guest Portal 24/7.
  • Manual task by employee – Your employee manually adds the licence plate number to a reservation via Maxxton’s Reservation Manager or Front Office manager.
  • Third-party – Maxxton REST API can be used for third-party connections.
  • Barrier software – The barrier software will automatically register the car licence plate during the first entry of your premises (e.g. first entry of a vehicle via reservation-related pin code).

You can (automatically) send relevant information to your guests via Notification manager. The barrier integration optimises licence plate recognition. The integrated dashboard helps you to keep an overview of vehicles that entered your premises.

2. Dashboarding & status

Barrier logs can be shown on a dashboard in Front Office manager. There are several options on site. Within this dashboard your employee is able to:

  • Check a barrier’s status with just one click (working mode / always open / open in presence of vehicle / emergency).
  • Retrieve feedback in case a barrier will not open (e.g. error whilst adding a licence plate number to a reservation).
  • Open barrier from behind his/her desk.
  • Add licence plate number to a reservation.
  • Grant temporary access to a vehicle.

RCN Vakantieparken first to launch the integrated barrier dashboard

After RCN Vakantieparken switched to Maxxton Software in September 2021 much has been done. RCN Vakantieparken focuses on innovative solutions for operational excellence. Proudly, we can announce that RCN Vakantieparken is the first Maxxton customer to start using the integrated barrier dashboard. We interviewed Bastiaan Spaapen (Manager ICT) about it.

Why did you choose to work with Maxxton?

“Based on an intensive investigation in which we kept our processes against the Maxxton application, we finally opted for the Maxxton Software. The main reasons for this are French certification, integrated CRM solution, integrated cleaning app, dynamic pricing, Security (rights/roles and GDPR), device independent, involved in developments and future-proof! Maxxton is not looking for a customer-supplier relationship, but a partnership. Maxxton is keen on using our field knowledge to improve its software!

Why did you choose to work with Koole Controls?

“The first moment we visited Koole Controls was special. I sat at the table with the director and immediately we were aligned. He is very driven and eager to innovate! Something I would like to see reflected in a partner because we at RCN Vakantieparken also like to be involved in this. After the first visit, a second, third, etc. quickly followed. From these conversations, the access control concept followed, which is now live at all our Dutch parks. The next innovative steps are already in the pipeline!”

What are the benefits of working with the barrier dashboard system?

“The biggest advantage of this solution for RCN Vakantieparken is that our employees can work from one system, so they do not have to switch between different applications, making it efficient and user-friendly. Employees can not only operate the barriers from the dashboard, they can also, among other things, view the logging and create day cards. Another big advantage is that in the coming months we will make the integration with the Maxxton Operations app, from this app we will soon have basic functions to operate the barrier, very handy for the employees of the technical service!”

What kind of business challenges have you been able to tackle by implementing this module?

“By integrating multiple systems into Maxxton, it is possible to only work from Maxxton Software. Employees no longer have to switch between applications. This is easy to explain and user-friendly”

What are the benefits for visitors?

“Prior to a stay, our guest is already asked to add the licence plate number in the ‘my environment’. When arriving at a park, the system recognises the guest, so that they can drive on immediately and are immediately seated. Fast, simple and guest-friendly! Of course, it is possible that the licence plate number has not yet been entered. For this, we have installed an intercom that is connected to the reception. Reception staff can easily add the licence plate number to the reservation. After adding the licence plate number, it is immediately possible to drive in. In the coming period, it will also be possible for the guest to enter a code so that the barrier opens and the system automatically adds the licence plate number to the reservation”.

Would you recommend this solution to other organisations in our industry?

“Yes, as described above, this solution has benefits not only for employees but also for visitors”

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    Maxxton | 19 October 2022
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