Maxxton | 9 May 2023

Krim is the first to start using the Unified Inbox

One of our long-term partners, Krim is the first to start using Maxxton’s unified inbox. A unified inbox integrates all types of communication mediums/channels and the messages conveyed on them into a single platform. It aims to provide our clients and their customers with a seamless and unified experience and helps your staff to be organised and more efficient when managing communications.

Who needs multiple inboxes when a unified inbox can process it all? The unified inbox allows users to access and manage all their messages and notifications from one place. Users no longer have to switch between multiple apps or platforms to access and manage their messages. In addition, with the unified inbox, you can easily prioritise and configure your messages. You can also set and monitor the response time for incoming messages with SLA (Service Level Agreement).

  • Single interface
  • Secured access
  • Set and monitor response time
  • Message categorisation & routing

“Our team is committed to delivering the highest levels of service and support, and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with our client to enhance their customer care capabilities with the unified inbox. We thank them for their trust and confidence in our services and look forward to supporting them in achieving their customer care goals.”

Elwin Vreeke, Technical Consultant

“Maxxton’s unified inbox is a great tool for streamlining communication and improving productivity. It brings simplicity, efficiency, and clarity by putting all our messages in one place, allowing us to focus on what truly matters.”

Jolanda Kamphuis, Commercieel Directeur at De Krim Texel

About De Krim Texel 

De Krim Texel is the biggest provider of leisure facilities on Texel with 9 locations and 1.5 million overnight stays per year, with accommodations including bungalows, chalets, lodges, and apartments.

Maxxton | 9 May 2023
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