Maxxton | 26 April 2023

Maxxton Client’s Day 2023

Maxxton Client’s Day 2023 was a great success, much to the delight of our guests and colleagues who attended. Over the past few months Maxxton team has been busy with creating and organising an interesting program for the event and we were thrilled to see the guests engaged and interested in the presentations and the workshops.

The day began with a warm welcome speech from the CEO, Ruben de Looff. This was followed by a series of presentations and workshops covering the latest Maxxton software developments and innovations in the hospitality industry and the various services Maxxton has to offer. The presentations and the workshops were engaging and informative, with plenty of interactive elements. This gave the experts a firsthand look at the software developments that could help them achieve their business goals.

It was an instructive, inspiring and engaging gathering. We are glad to be able to provide a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge and experience, and for Maxxton to share the latest software developments in the hospitality industry. We are looking forward to organise the next Maxxton Client’s Day 2024.


Maxxton | 26 April 2023
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