Maxxton | 23 January 2019

Maxxton Launches Operations Application

Application for field employees

Maxxton is developing an application for all your field employees who operate on mobile phones. Currently, we’re busy with finalizing phase 2 of the 3 phase counting development project of the Maxxton Operations application! Phase 1 regards the maintenance processes and phase 2 regards the housekeeping processes, where phase 3 is reserved for the more fancy features.

The functionality to view all the pending maintenance and housekeeping work in a map view is considered as a fancy feature that improves the routing on your locations. Configure geo-coordinates for the units in the Maxxton Software and progress all workorders and future housekeeping duties by selecting those in the Operations app using the Google maps view.

Internet connection

Having troubles with internet connection at your locations? No worries, the application is offline workable and will sync once internet connects again. More fancy features to be implemented soon, wherein push notifications will be included.

Are you in need of improving your on-site operations using a completely new, extremely user-friendly ànd filled with live data field application; please make yourself known and contact us for some insight information!

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    Maxxton | 23 January 2019
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