Maxxton | 22 September 2021

Maxxton’s upcoming feature the Activity Planner

The kick-off meeting for the Activity Planner recently took place in Breukelen. The meeting consisted of a delegation of 20 people all from the Hospitality Industry. The launch of the Activity Planner will be available at the beginning of the new season (Q2 2022).

What is the Activity Planner?

The Activity Planner is designed to form an even better idea of your guest, especially when they are at the location. In order to keep the guest close the Activity Planner makes it possible to collect data about the bookings and also the specifics about the activities are shared. This allows us to adjust the booking modules and Maxxton Software. As soon as a guest is recognized, we can display specific activities in order to increase the turnover of our clients and provide the guest with a better customer journey and insight in customer value. In addition to offering these activities in Maxxton Software, we also want to make this available in ‘Guest Environment’ and on the Website. This enables the guest to book activities at all times.

  • Product extension
  • Operational planning
  • Profiling and marketing
  • Acquisition of new guests
  • Data gathering to be data driven
  • Added value for customer journey
Features of Activity Planner

When the activity is included in the booking, we can also facilitate access control together with our partner Koole Controls, for instance when a guest buys tickets for a swimming pool and where there are turnstiles at the beginning of the entrance. After an inspection of the correct code for this activity, Koole unlocks the turnstiles based on this information. The Activity Planner makes it possible for holiday parks to easily create, manage and optimise their park activities:

  • Access control
  • Offering activities to day trippers
  • Getting insights such as client needs and client value
  • Optimizing marketing efforts (e.g. personalization, data driven decision making)

Examples of activities?

Of course, including QR code integration for turnstiles: swimming pool, bowling, tennis, kidsclub, concert, disco, boat tour, E-chopper/bicycle tour, safari tour, etc.

What are the benefits compared to other tools or methods?
  • Data integration. Finally, you can connect all dots.
  • Improved customer experience and customer appreciation.
  • Efficiency by eliminating unnecessary steps from your processes.
  • Simplicity by working in the best-of-breed integrated software system.
  • Intuitive software built in collaboration with experts from the Hospitality Industry.
  • Flexible payment methods. Pay with cash directly, pay via a payment link or pay during the reservation checkout.

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    Maxxton | 22 September 2021
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