Maxxton | 12 July 2022

Successful Go-Live of Operations Manager and App at Prinsenmeer

The Go-Live of the Operations Manager and Operations App at the first Oostappen Park, Prinsenmeer in Asten (The Netherlands) was a great success. Following constructive consultations, presentations, and several trainings, Prinsenmeer convincingly chose Maxxton’s Operations Manager and Operations App for their housekeeping and maintenance.

As a provider of integrated and cloud-based complete software solutions for the hospitality industry, Maxxton was able to meet all operational Prinsenmeer’s operational business requirements. The specific needs of Prinsenmeer included an online planning tool to easily plan their maintenance and housekeeping on site.
The setbacks in facility processes at holiday parks often arise because it is difficult to quickly switch between various departments. The cleaners and supervisors, for example, can only report their (completed) tasks, additional comments, issues on site, etc. at the end of their shifts. As a result, most likely work remains undone or an issue cannot be solved in time. The risk is that guests file complaints that could have easily been prevented by prompt action.

To minimise these challenges that organisations in the hospitality industry are facing on an operational level the Operation Manager and App have been developed by Maxxton. The Operations Manager helps to acquire insights into all facility processes that take place at, for instance, Prinsenmeer on a daily basis through a single platform. Moreover, containing all the required functionalities the Operations Manager is set to run operations on site. Together with the 100% integrated Maxxton Operations app, we add great value for all the users in the housekeeping and maintenance departments.
With these two applications you can count on full user-friendly experience, efficiency and real-time excellence.

“The Go-Live of the Operations module and App of the first Oostappen, Prinsenmeer went smoothly. The other Oostappen parks will follow in the coming weeks. A project team was set during the implementation and Go-Live, to keep tabs and a close eye on the project. Throughout the implementation and Go-Live, it was always possible to make modifications and ensure that the software addressed the requirements of Prinsenmeer. In addition, the Prinsenmeer staff received efficient training. So that all operational processes continue to run smoothly during and after the implementation. We are thankful to Inge Brouwers-Gillis, Daphne Hullegie, and Aldwin Pet for your hospitality and the great cooperation during the implementation”.

Niels van der Vliet, Business Consultant

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    Maxxton | 12 July 2022
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