Maxxton | 20 April 2023

Integration of Activity planner within the Web Manager

In September 2021 we announced our new feature, the Activity Planner. The Activity Planner makes it possible for holiday parks to easily create, manage and optimise their park activities. This contributes to an improved customer journey as well as additional upselling. In this article, we report on the progress of integrating the Activity Planner within the Web Manager.

Integration within the customer journey

Our Web Manager is specifically designed to integrate activities within the customer journey:

  • In the website search flow by creating specific landing pages. Here you display your activity(s) that the website visitor can book directly.
  • During the booking process, you can easily offer additional activities.
  • Once the booking has been made, a ticket can be retrieved within the Guest Environment.

Within this environment, you can upsell by using conditional widgets to show relevant additional bookable activities. Reservations can be linked to current and historical activities. This way, you are able to retrieve valuable information which can be used for marketing/retention purposes.

Web Manager integration

The activity planner within the Web Manager is a flexible, mobile-responsive solution with a user-friendly interface. All data is seamlessly integrated and can be incorporated into any online flow you prefer. This can be done with available widgets in Maxxton’s Web Manager and Guest environment. You can also easily create standalone pages. So, say goodbye to complex iframe integrations.

Highly configurable

Guests can view activities in a list or grid view, or on a day view and a calendar view, making it easy to see what’s available and choose the right activity. Moreover, they can sort activities based on days or parts of the days, making it easy to find and book the activities that fit their schedules. There are multiple ticket scenarios (e.g. single tickets, travel party tickets, and different kinds of tickets for children versus adults). There is also the possibility to have a price per group ticket, like for bowling. Another possibility is the free tickets option. This comes with a maximum capacity so that you never sell too many tickets and the online procedure closes automatically. It is even possible to book activities for guests without having a reservation, so you can more easily sell day trips.

Streamlining the booking process

The activity planner streamlines the booking process, allowing guests to easily book and pay for activities online with minimal effort. Total costs including taxes and fees can be shown in order for your guests to plan their budgets accordingly. You can integrate multiple payment options, such as credit cards, Ideal, and more.

Future endeavours with the Web Manager
  • Detailed information: Each activity is shown with detailed information on a separate page, including opening times, visual icons, and other useful options.
  • Save favourite activities: Guests can save their favourite activities for future reference, so they can easily find them again when they’re ready to book.
  • Modify or cancel bookings: Guests can modify or cancel their bookings online, giving them the flexibility to change their plans as needed.
  • Share information: Guests can share information about activities with friends and family, making it easier to plan trips and events together.
  • Notifications and updates: Guests receive notifications and updates about their bookings, such as reminders, changes, and cancellations, helping the guests stay informed and up to date.
  • Booking history: Guests can view their booking history, so they can keep track of their past and future activities.

Seamless integration of the activity planner within the Web Manager provides guests with a streamlined booking experience, ensuring that they can easily find, discover and book the activities they want without any hassle. It also enables clients to display and manage their activities online with diversity. This leads to increased productivity and customer satisfaction”.

Michel van Beek, Product Owner of Web Manager

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    Maxxton | 20 April 2023
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