Maxxton | 6 September 2019

Maxxton & De Krim – On to the next 10 years

As leading enterprise SaaS solutions provider for the accommodation rental industry globally, Maxxton is pleased to announce that the partnership with unique leisure company De Krim Texel has been extended for another 10 years. Without any doubts, both parties extended their contract agreement with this long-term partnership. De Krim Texel and Maxxton both know that they can collaborate in a very special way to serve customers of tomorrow even better than we do today. After all, a satisfied guest always returns!

About De Krim Texel – De Krim Texel is a multi-property organization with villa’s, apartments, lodges, bungalows, hotel, and campsites. With a portfolio of 13.000 beds, De Krim Texel owns 10 locations across the Texel island in the North of the Netherlands, which makes them the biggest recreation provider of Texel with approximately 30% of the total market share of the island. During 2017, De Krim generated already 77% direct bookings and raised this percentage significantly during last year to 90% direct bookings in 2018.

Three phases

De Krim has been working with Maxxton solutions already for almost 15 years, benefitting from the core property management software and most of Maxxton’s extra modules. For the newest Web Manager solution of Maxxton, De Krim also took an important role as developing partner and co-initiator. The whole development has been split up in three phases to create a flexible and best-of-breed Content Management System as a integral part of Maxxton’s core property management system. For De Krim Texel, their new dynamic website was created after phase 1 and already received the award for ‘Best Use of Technology’ during the Serviced Apartment Awards 2019. Now, phase 2 with the integration of the whole booking flow is coming to its end and the first steps are taken for kicking off phase 3 (integrating the guest & owner portals with personalization tools). The Web Manager solution is of course available for all Maxxton clients.

Teamwork with Maxxton in the Netherlands and India

The team of De Krim Texel is working closely together with the Maxxton team in India. Jolanda Kamphuis (CMO & COO, De Krim Texel) and Alma de Ruiter (Marketing & Communication) visited the office in Pune as well: ‘Both teams in the Netherlands and India are passionate, smart, friendly and highly educated. It’s always inspiring to have face-to-face sessions in India or in Middelburg. It works so much easier getting to know one another in person. Understanding the cultural differences, even as a client, it always helps; especially when I can explain my vision. Dutch people like directness but Indian people are much more social. Their way of living is completely different than we can imagine in Holland. No individualism. So, for Indian people the personal contact makes a huge difference. After that has been established and you tell why you want something or why something is important, they will take active part in bringing up a solution and/or work structured to solve the problem together.’ Read more about the collaboration in the same company with different cultures in Maxxton India and the Netherlands in the dutch blog of IndiaConnected.

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    Maxxton | 6 September 2019
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